Richard A. Buchan

Lawyer/Mediator/Arbitrator (C. Arb)

Tribunal Training

Training of adjudicative tribunal members can be general or specific, comprising the basics of adjudicative processes common to all adjudicative tribunals, or specifically tailored to the legislative scheme governing a particular adjudicative body. 

Since 1990, I have accumulated experience and expertise in multiple roles: as chairperson of numerous decision-making bodies, as legal counsel to such bodies, and as a tribunal trainer in various capacities.  I can tailor training programs to meet various needs, whether those of a specific board, or for larger groups.

Investing in giving tribunal decision-makers appropriate training is critical to ensuring the quality and fairness of tribunal decisions.  This, in turn, helps to ensure public respect for the tribunal’s decisions.  Well-trained adjudicators are less likely to have their decisions challenged in court, which can become a very expensive process, and best avoided.